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Chris Polanco: It wasn't me who chose Hong Kong, but Hong Kong that chose me.

"Sing this with me, shall we sing together?" Recently, there has been a singing challenge on Instagram called "Sing with Polanco", where both singers and amateurs alike have been uploading IG Reels of themselves singing Cantonese songs with Chris Polanco.

Chris Polanco, who hails from the Dominican Republic in Latin America, has been living in Hong Kong for over two decades and has even adopted the Chinese name "Chan Kit". Recalling the time when he was invited to perform in Hong Kong from afar in Latin America, he often says in interviews: "It wasn't me who chose Hong Kong, but Hong Kong that chose me." Even though he was just a newcomer at the time, he felt an inexplicable connection to the local culture, finding the food, smells, and language strangely familiar.

Later, after meeting various musicians, Chris joined Eason Chan's Duo Band, which has performed at the Hong Kong Coliseum. He also wrote the well-known song "Mojito" for Eason. In addition to songwriting, he has also served as a backing vocalist, keyboardist, percussionist, and accordionist at various concerts, demonstrating his versatility in the music field.

While the "Sing with Polanco" challenge has successfully rekindled interest in Cantonese songs, it has also revealed that there are many talented singers in Hong Kong. Chris said that he was most surprised to see people from different countries, with different values and musical backgrounds, participating in the challenge at a time when the social atmosphere was low due to the pandemic.

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